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TriOomph takes cover!

We have spent years dreaming of a cover for TriOomph, and how it would change our life by reducing cleaning time. Three hulls is a lot to clean! Due to TriOomphs 'odd' shape, a cover for him is quite custom, and therefore, quite expensive. Considerations included buying a new one (which we were told had a three year waiting list and was incredibly expensive), finding a used one (which would be like finding a needle in a haystack) or learning to sew and making our own, which was slightly optimistic and a very significant undertaking.

We attended the BC Multi Hull Society sail in, and by some random chance, Francois found someone who was selling their cover. He bought it for Jill for her birthday! This gift rivals the toilet he bought her for Christmas.

TriOomph has been covered ever since!


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